November 2013

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Tron Marx, Owner of WATER DYNAMIX

cell: 07 88 22 55 88

and Tina Kroll, Freelance Graphic Design 





Water Dynamix boasts 30 years experience with aquariums, building of ponds, pools, water features and breeding of tropical and cold water fish 



"I have had an interest in fish ever since I got my first fish-tank at age 12. Some years later I built my first pond and have not stopped learning ever since. Water is my element and it has always been my goal to work with nature and to design ponds that are almost self-cleaning. A pond should be a pleasure, not a pain. A correctly designed and built pond, with a modern high pressure Biological Filtration System, should last 20+ years and should need only minimum maintenance."

Spending only 10 minutes once a week

and an extra 5 minutes once a month

will ensure that your pond water will always be



We at Water Dynamix have enough experience and expertise to be able to guarantee results and back up all our work.

We …

… design, construct, maintain and repair Koi Ponds

* swimming pools * dams * water features * rock ponds * rivers * streams * water walls

… supply and instal swimming pool safety nets * solar heating

… detect and repair leaks * resurface marbelite * concrete

… repair or replace sand filters * salt chlorinators * pumps * solar heating * valves * heat pumps * etc

… work with Architects and Landscape Designers

to give you a quality product in contemporary style, natural rock, Zen or modern finishes

We will meet with you on site to advise and quote at no charge. 



Our Professional Team will complete your project

with attention to detail and excellent workmanship. 


Water Dynamix is a multi-disciplinary company specializing in the design and build or repair of the highest quality concrete KOI ponds, water features, swimming pools and water walls, utilizing our innovative state-of-the art construction methods and techniques.

Water Dynamix employs an extremely knowledgeable and talented group of individuals. Our approach focuses on creative design, sound planning, systematic project costing and solid construction methodology, with the needs and desires of our clients as our main priority.

Through the utilization of state-of-the-art technology combined with attention to aesthetics and detail,

Water Dynamix delivers a focused, cohesive effort from concept to completion.


No matter what phase of work your project is currently at ...
... contact us today to see how we can be of service!

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