Swimming Pools. Splash Pools. Rock Pools.

Pools, although simple in operation, need to be designed correctly to allow automatic cleaning.
The structure must be sound.
A concrete pool must be constructed to last for 20 years.
It must be cast in one operation to ensure even drying.
The design should compliment the surrounding architecture.
Either natural rock pool or modern, contemporary pool with seating and a plunge area
A water feature or waterfall would add the sound of water splashing.
L.E.D. Lighting lasts for up to 10 years and consumes minimum power.
The Blue L.E.D’s light up your pool and turns it “Electric Blue"
Existing lights can be replaced with L.E.D. lights. (Takes 15 minutes)

We provide and install:

  • Salt Chlorinators
  • Solar Panels
  • Safety Nets
  • L.E.D. Pool Lights 

Our pools are built to last. 

We also repair existing pools:

  • Remarbelite
  • Resurface with fibreglass, pool paint or epoxy paints
  • Detect and repair leaks
  • Replace pumps and filters 

Visit our gallery to view some examples.